Goodbye Hungary


Today , I am really sad to tell you that this is my last article. As you know, the world is living a very hard time… Unfortunately , I must leave Szeged, my volunteering work and my new life in Hungary because of this dramatic situation. I can’t lie to you, for me this end is unexpected and sad. From one second to the next , my dream turned into a nightmare. But, before,I lived the best dream ever. One day , the nightmare will stop. I will wake up , and continue to live a dream as I lived during my 8 months in Hungary. I can’t tell you all my adventure but I want to share with you my feelings and some unforgettable moments through pictures. It will be my goodbye.

My adventure started on June 7th 2019 , when I was chosen as a european volunteer for this amazing project which consists in sharing my culture with the local people in Szeged, in Hungary. I left France on July 13th 2019. At 9:20 , the plane took off , I didn’t realize what will happen for me. I never lived abroad, I decided to go towards the unknown. It was the best choice of my life.

To sum up in a few sentences , I have never learned as much in 8 months as in 23 years of life. My experience was intense, rich and wonderful. I was lucky to be hire by the fundation Talentum Alapítvány. The members of this fundation are incredible people and they are doing a beautiful work. They gave me the chance to flourish in my work and to share my culture through great, useful and ambitious projects. I felt quickly like home because they warmly welcomed me. I couldn’t expect more, it was perfect.

During these months , I had the opportunity to share my french and mauritian culture. I worked for different projects , for a huge audience ( teenagers , children , elderly people, students , deaf people, disadvantaged people ) and in different places ( high schools , colleges , elderly homes , child psychiatry hospital , youth centers , libraries , tanoda…). I also worked for events ,for example ,Szin Festival or christmas market. I never have been so satisfied and enthusiastic in a work. I felt so useful and I loved to bring something for these lovely people. I met wonderful people through my work but also outside. I made new friends from all generations and from around the world. All of them offered me love, caring ,gratefulness, interest and HAPPINESS .

My months were full of meetings , travels , party , crazy laughs , adventures, emotions, discoveries … I could enjoy every moments. I decided not to come back in France in order to fully enjoy the 10 months ( but my stay was shorter, finally 8 months because of the situation…). But my family visited me , and it was amazing !

As a european volunteer, this experience allowed me to assume and improve my talents and skills and develop new ones as well. It helped me to be confident , independant , and to find my professionnal way.

And , this experience as a young woman living abroad allowed me to discover the woman I am, to accept and love myself. I became resilient and strong. I learned to take care of myself and to be aware of my feelings and my desires. I understood that it’s important to reflect on myself.

I am proud because I reached to build a life and my network quickly in an unknown environment. I am proud to be engaged and to have represented European and French Youth.

I will never forget this trip and these moments of happiness and sadness. Because , yes , the end is sad. But in my sadness , I was lucky to be with my sister and my brother who came to see me at that hard time. As we say , there is always something positive… So, I came back to France surrounded by my lovely family with broken heart , yes , because my departure was sudden and unexpected. But I came back in my country as transformed and strong woman. My volunteering and my life in Hungary including all people that I met changed me. I had a big revelation.

I want to say thanks to all the members of Talentum Alapítvány who were for me more than simple colleagues. Thanks to Barbara my amazing mentor and Alicia ,my adorable conselor from my city in France. Thanks to all the wonderful people whom I had the pleasure and the happiness to work for. Thanks to all my new friends : Erasmus students, European volunteers, french teachers or members of the Alliance Française of Szeged. Thanks to my family and friends in France who supported me and believed in my project. Thank you Hungary , I felt in love with this country, the culture and Szeged. Szeged is a perfect city, it’s definitely a place where I would like to live.

So, my dear friends , I wish to all of you lot of love and joy. Take care of you. See you very soon for new adventures !

Flori ( my hungarian surname )

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